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Message details
Time and date of the observation event
Objects shape. If there is no acceptable shape presented in the drop-down menu, you always can chose others and describe shape in additional details.
Compass direction of the object relating to withness
This map points to the withenss place at the moment of observation. You can drag and drop the marker, to provide most accurate coordinates.
Geographical spot of the withness person at the moment of observation. That can be city, village, camp or anything else. This is an autocomplete field, and you will be provided with list of closest possible places fetched using Google Geocoder API. The place of you choise will be automatically pointed on the map below.
Additional information
  • How have you noted the object?
  • How the object was moving? Desribe its movement charactepistics
  • Object description: approx. angular length, shape specifics, its colour, etc. The detailed the description the better.
  • What were your fillings? were you scared, happy, sick, etc?
  • How long have you observed the object? Please provide your personal feeling and according to watches, if possible.
  • Have you expirienced any problems with any technical device before, while or after the observaton?
  • Any stranges in animals behaving?
  • What was weather conditions?

plus anything strange you note.

NB! You can attach media materials after you sucessfully submit this form.

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