The idea behind it UfoSeti


  Firts of all, this system is not aimed to proof to anyone an existance of anything. It is aimed purely for information collecting, regarding the atmospherical anomal incidents (AAI in futher). AAI here means ANY incedent, that happened/ was observed in the atmosphere and whose nature of origin is not clear or controversy. The next aim that the UfoSeti system will try to pursue, will be an attempt to improve the cooperation between the reserchers or the groups, whose interests concerns the AAI, and who are usually distributed around the whole globe. There are also reasons like enlarging the territory that is being observed and increasing the quality of incoming messages.


  Lets consider the whole process on the follovin example: an Observer (O) observes an AAI, close to his house in the village. He makes several shots with his camera and films the object. After a while the reports this incident to UfoSeti system, provideng all the details reagrding an incident by filling i a web-form. O fills in a country and place, some personal information like name and mobile number, time of observation, its shape, gives some additional notes. after that he upload the photos and videos and finally submits the form. Now he will be redirected to confiramtion page. It ususally takes about a minute to deliver SMS with confirmation code. Once it is delivered O can confirm an authenticity of a self. Now his role is finished. His message is now published, researchers will get an emails. They will translate it, provide their comments, make and investigation and provide the authenticity of the message.

Why the personal information is required?

  MSISDN (phone number) may simplify the investigation process. It may happen that to reveal some asspets of the incident, the reserchers required to interview the reporter. That might, and in most cases it will, revieal the crucial infrormation, that will help to make a obective conclusion regarding the particular case. At the same time, mobile number presence should descrease the number of sended 'jokes', which, should save the researchers the time. Mobile number, as well as e-mail, will not be publicised, and will used ONLY for investigation purposes. However, name WILL be publicised, and if is strongly advised to leave only your first name.