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12 Январь 2013, 05:50
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In himachal this town is in rural area. In 2010 at 12AM it was sunny day me and my friend went to forest near my village.the path was very narrow i stopd for pee. Then i realised some one is coming toward us. Then i told my friend too. The human like creature approaching towards us .It has no legs it was flying approximately 6 to 12 inches from ground. This entity continuesly coming towards us. We are horrified by this event and started screaming. Then it suddenly jumped from that place and disappeard in forest. It happened again in 2013 at same place at approx 11 or 12AM it was also sunny day . This time we screamed and run to home and entity also disappeard in forest.Other people of area also claimed that they are also seen these entity. Entity was white in colour approx 4 or 5 feet tall and 6 feet away from us. It had two arms and very strange structure. This incedent happened with in 5 minutes.This small specific area is also famous for paranormal activity or strange entity. After this incedent i am also researching about ufo and peranormal activities in our area.